Doug and Elsie Mae Carter, Owners

From high school sweethearts to a loving marriage and a lucrative business partnership, theirs is a love story for the ages!

Chef Jean G., Store Manager

Chef Jean has been with us since 1996, and brings culinary magic to everything he touches!

Linda C., Office Manager

Born and raised in the deli business, Linda Cenko has been with Delaware for over 12 years.  

Brenda M., Marketing

Brenda parlays her experience in advertising into a marketing strategy that ensures Delaware’s continued success.

Arthur D., Assistant Store Manager, Environmental Services

Arthur has been with Delaware for over 30 years. His product knowledge and experience in the store’s operations have been invaluable!

Enrique P., Assistant Seafood Manager

Since 2006, Enrique has served as Jose Sanchez’s right-hand man with a keen discerning eye for quality seafood.

Jose S., Seafood Manager

Not a single fin, claw or tentacle passes through our doors without Jose’s approval.

Eugene C., Production Manager

Eugene has been with Delaware for nearly 25 years, and is our Master of Poultry!

Roger S., Yacht Provisioning Coordinator

When it comes to selecting high-end provisions for your yacht’s guests, Roger’s experience and expertise is renowned throughout the local industry. He is able to procure meats, seafood, and other delectable foods designed to pamper your guests.