Hi! We are Delaware Chicken Farm and Seafood Market.

We have been a family tradition since 1951 in the South Florida region, and beyond.

Known for providing the finest and freshest products available, Delaware Chicken Farm & Seafood Market has grown over several generations, starting a small chicken farm and growing to a thriving retail poultry, seafood & meat market. All items are individually inspected upon arrival by experienced fishmongers, poultry preppers, and butchers. Our experts only select the highest quality products and refuse any items that do not meet Delaware’s strict standards for freshness and quality.

Walk into the store and you’ll find that each order is handpicked, prepped and packaged to the customer’s specifications.

In 1995, Delaware began preparing provisions for yachts in the south Florida area.

Family-owned and operated since 1951, the Delaware Chicken Farm & Seafood Market has one goal in mind: To provide the freshest and best provisions available.
It’s no surprise that customers have come to expect the best from Delaware.

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